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I have brought few bitcoins from

The problem with there service is that they deduct too much money ( they sold me bitcoins for $3200 when the price was $2800) which is un acceptable plus credit card international txn charges.

Later, I converted them to ethereum from

From investment point of view, that is a bad thing and after so many deduction, very little was left.

Where can i buy ethreum ( and bitcoins) directly in Pakistan on actual prices.

Thanks in advance
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You can buy it from any money exchanger in the cities. it will charge nothing as service charges but costs as the todays rate.

Pre-Requisite: E-Wallet

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Well , buying from a service where you have the only option of using credit card is bad by itself and the rate you have shared is insane .. why would you buy something like this ? 

you should try (local bank transfer etc), it will give you the most competitive rates . You can NEVER buy a BTC on actual rate as everyone will make some profit out of it .. 

you will need to buy BTC and later convert them to ETH by using any service of your liking , I use as i can buy when the price drops ;)

not sharing my seller account as that would be wrong so you can try any account you like to get one , good thing about LBC (localbitcoins) is that they provide escrow so you are safe as long as all yours dealings are done from within the site

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thank you for your answer. the info will help me alot
Thanks for the writeup. wasn't knowing about it but it turned out to be a safe place with escrow. Kind of my only crypto buying place now (i dont have to pay those credit card fee and all )
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