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How can we buy iota in Pakistan and any safe wallet?
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Good to know that you are keeping a close watch on IOTA increase, after all it had to happen with MS planning to work close with IOTA .

Cryptocurrency bypasses the standard borders as we have with Banks , so you can generally buy crypto from anywhere with a credit card (if otherwise stated)

but when someone asks me how can we buy X currency in Y country, i assume that they want to buy with local bank transfer etc, or those who do not want to use Credit card.

How to Buy IOTA

What mostly people do is they Buy BTC and later go to an exchange and convert them to IOTA, here I will list all the exchanges which support IOTA 

  • First Buy Bitcoin - Someone asked a similar question so for that you may consult my answer on this previously asked question " Which is best place to buy Ethereum and Bitcoins in Pakistan? "
  • Exchanges which Support IOTA - Currently the following exchanges support IOTA on their exchanges
    • Binance : This Chinese exchange allows you to buy IOTA through USD and also exchange them using Bitcoin (IOTA/BTC) or Ethereum (IOTA/ETH) so this will be a good place to carry out your trade
    • Bitfinex : This exchange would also allow you to buy IOTA through USD or exchange them using the BTC or ETH trade pair.
    • Others : There are exchanges like and which also list IOTA but their trading of IOTA is so less i would recommend you use the ones shared above

Hope this Helps

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