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Grooveshark is good but can anyone list some great alternatives to it with android and ios app? 

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Online music streaming websites had their days when Piracy was very common , no one was bothered much as there were no such checks , Napster is one example - rise and fall due to pirating music and later how it changed and forgot what it believed in because it started getting money.Its different now a days , Piracy can not stay anywhere.

What is Grooveshark

Grooveshark started as a peer-to-peer application and later turned into a web-based system where users could simply download Music . It became very famous like Napster and iTunes but with fame came its downfall . Music Tycoons couldn't digest how Grooveshark was ripping off their music , as there was no legal binding with any Record Label and Grooveshark. That Led to the demise of Grooveshark. A lawsuit filed by the trio of Music industry giants – EMI Music Publishing, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group; on the grounds of copyright violations led to Grooveshark to finally come to a closure. Grooveshark has announced that they are no longer in operation and an agreement has been settled between all the parties involved. The CEO wrote a very emotional message when he closed the system, it showed how much it meant to him.

GrooveShark Alternatives

Grooveshark is no more what it was before , but now we have alternatives far better than Grooveshark. If you are looking for something just like Grooveshark be advised you can not find one and if you do , I would suggest that you stay away - Its Pirated and it can get you behind bars too. With that said let me find you best Grooveshark Music Streaming Alternatives

1. SoundCloud 


Soundcloud is one of the best online music streaming service and its totally FREE. Listen to as many songs as you desire.Soundcloud offers a ton of features for even their free users to create and upload tunes, stream songs, create favorite playlists, manage songs as per lists and a lot of other social activity tools. Although free users are limited to 180 minutes count for audio track uploading, premium users are offered unlimited services.Normally you would not even use the 180 minutes unless you do not upload songs.

Best Features : Statistics, Embeddable sound widgets,Comment on playing timed track and ofcourse Free unlimited streaming.

Supported Devices: Web, iOS and Android.

Price: Free for regular usage, PRO plan for $6/month and PRO UNLIMITED for $15/month.


2. Spotify


Spotify is also another widely preferred music streaming service offering creation of curated playlists, many radio stations, marking recommendations and artists as favourite and much more.

Spotify also support 3rd party integration which is another reason of its massive user base, as it makes social sharing very easy. Users can very easily share music and listen to music along with Friends.

Another plus point of Spotify is that you can save the tracks offline and listen to your favourite music without any data connection.

Key Specs : Instant music, Playlists, Offline Music mode,Use App as a music player, Share new discoveries, 3rd party integrations.
Supported Devices: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone (yeah even this) & Blackberry.
Pricing: Free (shows Ads) and Premium for $9.99 per month.


3. Last.FM

image is another great online music streaming service, a true Grooveshark alternative. has a bunch of handy features and on the top of list it the ability for users to upload their own music to the website, create playlists, share with friends and track artists.Another interesting feature for music enthusiasts is the ability to track events happening around them. ‘Scrobbling’ is also provided which enables tracks logging.

Top charts, social media sharing, music recommendations are among the other features in which are also present in the online music streaming websites I mentioned is also a favourite for music lovers whether its Mobile or Web. Free package gives you a bad experience of advertisement while you can still buy the Premium ad free plan.

Key Specs: Account Management, Scrobbling (Track logging) , User Groups and Events.

Supported Devices : Web, Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

Pricing: Free and  $3/month subscription plan.


Other GrooveShark Alternate Music Streaming Websites

I have shared some of the Best Alternatives for GrooveShark, but the list does not end here and Internet is full of such services, some other websites you can try are :

Hope these Top GrooveShark Alternatives will be enough for you ? 

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Indeed a very indepth answer, Thank you Drhack. your forum is awesome.
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