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I am having a very hard time finding a solution , what I want to achieve is that I do not want to use any HDMI cable ,Keyboard or a Mouse to set up my Pi3 rather I just want to connect it with my laptop and access it using Putty.
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So I figured out how to connect Raspberry Pi 3 to Laptop even on first boot.

This tutorial will allow you to connect Putty with your RPI 3 without any HDMI ,Mouse or Keyboard

Check out The Youtube Tutorial :


Setting a Static IP

You'll want to set a static IP address for the Raspbery Pi before you boot. Assuming we're connecting the Pi directly to the laptop with a crossover cable, we'll use an IP address in the range 169.254.X.Y. The IP prefix 169.254, like the IP prefixes 192.168 or 10.X, is a special IP address for special networks. In this case, 169.254 is the "link-local address" - an IP address range for devices connected directly to the computer with a crossover cable. (Original source of this IP address was here, but a search for 169.254 will point you toward the "link-local address" Wikipedia page here).

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